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The Problem of Evil; Explanation & Exposee' God's Knowldege & The Problem of Evil 1800: Understanding Evil
1800: Understanding Evil
Our Price: $37.97
This is a set of six DVDs where Dr. Morey discusses and teaches about the problem of evil, in its parts.  An Intro to the Problem of Evil; Metaphysics of Evil; Metaphysics of Evil and Epistemology; Epistemology of Evil (part 2); Ethics of Evil; and Aesthetics of Evil.  These are the topics discussed from a biblical point of view.  This set can be/and is combined with other lessons by Dr. Morey for greater learning and edification on biblical matters.  Please see the other listings concerning The Problem of Evil Here is a set that shows the problem of evil in relation to God's knowledge.  Both aspects are needed to help us understand why things are like they are!  Do you have questions about how and why the "world" is like it is?  Dr. Morey has the ability to explain in a clear lay language so we can all understand scripture and its relation to our lives.  That makes this set a need for all discerning Christian to have available in their personal library. The Problem of Evil in relation to the cults and occult organizations.  There are more of these kinds of organizations in the religious world then you might imagine.  This set explains the relationship of the various cults and occult groups to the problem of evil.  If you desire to remain true to Jesus and the Reformed scripture you need this set.  The Problem of Evil is a 6 DVD set where Dr. Morey discusses evil in an understandable way!  1800: Spawning Ground for Cults is a single CD telling us about the way the cults grew through the power of evil.
Problem of Evil: Defending the Faith Set Proverbs: Digging out of the Problem of Evil Death, Afterlife, & The Problem of Evil
We have here a set to describe evil from the biblical sense, and then a book explaining "How to Defend the Faith".  You need to know the enemy so you can definitively defend the faith.  According to Jude 3 "We must diligently strive to defend the faith."  This set can help with that aspect of being a Christian.  Knowing the enemy and defending the faith, what else is there needed? This set contains the video DVDs The Problem of Evil set, and the audio set "Proverbs for Families".  The teachings with this set provide insight into the use of Proverbs in the solution to the problem of evil.  Dr. Morey's effortless speaking and Christian humor brings this set alive and into the hearts of the listeners.  This is a must for families, Pastors, and church leaders alike. This definitive set discusses how the Problem of Evil is related to Death and the Afterlife.  The 6 DVD set teaches about the facets of evil.  The book teaches the atonement that Jesus brought to the world.  A discerning person can then put together the facts of the crucifixion with the problem of evil and see why the crucifixion was the worst evil event in history.
Job: Eye of the Storm Learning Logic - Defeating Evil Verb Abuse/Battle of the Gods
Job: Eye of the Storm
Our Price: $47.97
This set ties the Problem of Evil with the Book of Job, the scripture of complete disclosure.  Here we get an explanation of evil connected to Job so we can better understand Job and evil!  This is a set that belongs in every Pastor's library, but also the searching Christian needs to have this available to answer questions in defense of the faith. This set includes two sets, one audio and there other video.  The audio set is "A Course in Logic"; the video set is the 6 disks teaching The Problem of Evil.  The course in logic is an audio set allowing you to understand how a logical approach to living is good.  Couple that to The Problem of Evil  and there is the basis for you learning how to defeat evil, through God's help. The audio set on "Verb Abuse" talks about the mistranslation and/or misuse of scripture.  When connected to the book, "The Battle of the Gods" you have an incisive teaching of scripture being used to misinform and misdirect people away from the truth, and possibly into Apostacy.  Anyone desiring to understand scripture needs to have this set available to them.
College Students & The Problem of Evil Atonement: Solving the Problem of Evil Fearing God: Your Solution to Evil
This definitive set includes the DVD set The Problem of Evil, and "The Christian Student's Survival Guide".  This set provides a lesson and a warning for the parents and students who are heading off to college or university for the first time.  The lesson is how to maintain your faith in the face of "liberal" thinking and attacks.  The warning is there will be attacks on their faith since there are a lot of "liberal" professors teaching in todays educational systems.  This set is also a good refresher course for the student who maybe returning to school.  This set can be used by parents and students in high school as well. In this set we have the book "Studies in the Atonement" that explains the life and death of Jesus for our benefit leading to the Cross.  With the pairing with the DVD set The Problem of Evil, we now see how Jesus paid the price in solving the problem of evil.  Blessed is the word of God! "Fearing God" is a book by Dr. Morey that shows us the importance of fearing the Lord God.  Why?  Fear, not in the concept of being really afraid of God, rather having a deep respect for God to obey God's "laws" and directions for living.  Now connect this with the 6 disk DVD set, The Problem of Evil, and you have the solution you need to overcome evil through "Fearing God".  (Respecting God's whisperings in your ear).  A must have set for leading a Christian life.
Verse Abuse: Protecting Evil A Trinitarian World View Apostacy: Embedded in Evil
A Trinitarian World View
Our Price: $49.97
Verb Abuse is an audio set (7 Disks) that talk about the fact that there are bible verses that have been mistranslated or misused or, sadly, actual definitively wrong in the printing.  Margin notes sometimes became part of the translation instead of being recognized as what they were just a note about the passage in question.  Such verses about evil, therefore were protected by the mistranslation of scripture.  So consider getting this set to understand how verse misuse protects the evil. This set describes the Triune God to whom Christians owe their worship and praise.  This set also includes the 6 DVD set describing The Problem of Evil, from the aspect of the bible's explanation.  A proper world view is very important to the study and understanding of the scripture of our Lord and God.  This set is necessary for anyone who teaches the scripture, Pastors, Church Leaders, and Sunday School Teachers. Here is a set you don't want to miss!  The DVD set, The Problem of Evil and the audio set, "Apostacy".  There are 6 DVDs in The Problem of Evil Set and there are 13 CDs in the Apostacy set.  Dr. Morey lectures on the Apostacies of the past which have spilled into the present, and connects these apostacies to the problem of evil which are ever present because we are human and not perfect.