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The Prophecy of Isaiah: 10 CDs
The Prophecy of Isaiah: 10 CDs
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Join Dr. Robert Morey in a discussion of the Book of Isaiah. He covers these topics as well as many more in this ten lecture overview:

1. The importance of the book is clear from all the attacks made against it.

2. The inspiration of Isaiah is attacked by trying to deny its authorship, unity, and dating.

3. The reason it is so attacked by Satan is that it contains more messianic prophecies than any other OT book.

4. It is the passage of full mention on the transcendence of God.

5. Its supernatural prophecy concerning Cyrus is a stumbling block to unbelievers (44:28; 45:1).

6. It is quoted more times in the NT than any other OT book.

7. It is the most evangelical book in the OT.

8. It is the largest complete biblical scroll in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

9. The Aramaic Targum of Isaiah reveals that it was understood as messianic before Jesus was born. The NT authors were clearly aware of its messianic interpretations.

10. It is the Bible in miniature:
a. 66 chapters - 66 books
b. 2 parts - 2 parts
c. 1-39 - 39 books: OT
d. 40-66 - 27 books: NT
e. Sin 1-39 - OT f. Salvation: 40-66 - NT

11. Its place in the canon of Scripture:
a. In the OT:
i. 593-5-593
ii. Foundation of the Five Major Prophets
iii. Foundation of the Minor Prophets.
b. Its relationship to the New Testament:
i. Just as Paul is considered the greatest of the Apostles, Isaiah is the greatest of the Prophets.
ii. Just as Romans is the greatest book among the Epistles, Isaiah is the greatest book among the Prophetic books.
iii. Both Romans and Isaiah emphasize that salvation is of the Lord. They both emphasize that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord alone.

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