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Death and the Afterlife set The Right to Fight set Proverbs for the Family set
Death and the Afterlife set
List Price: $27.97
Our Price: $27.97
The Right to Fight set
Our Price: $27.97
Dr Morey has prepared a definitive set, Book, Death and the Afterlife, and Video, Death and the Afterlife, part 1 and 2 to help all Christians, and all other people, deal with the specter of death that all people will ultimately face.  This set removes fear by providing scriptural references telling about life after death. This set contains the book, When is it Right to Fight and a DVD where a discussion takes place on the book about the Christian's right to protect himself and family.  In this environment today, every Christian should know about the right to fight.  Too many people have been taught to always turn the other cheek.  But is that what scripture really teaches us?  Find out the answer in this set! This CD audio series contains 5 CDs with Dr. Bob discussing Proverbs and the relation to the family and practical living.  Proverbs destroys the myth of secular vs sacred.  This is God's book on living.
A Course in Logic set Unmasking Deceit set The New Atheism set
A Course in Logic set
List Price: $27.97
Our Price: $27.97
Unmasking Deceit set
Our Price: $27.97
The New Atheism set
Our Price: $27.97
This 5 CD audio set contains Dr. Morey taking you through the logical steps in determining if an argument is true or not. This set includes three audio CDs, 1800 Spawning Ground for the Cults, Judaism Explained, and Buddhism Unmasked.  These CDs discuss cults and who they are, they discuss the roots from where Christianity came, and they discuss an Eastern "Religion." This is a must own set for any Christian.  It includes Dr. Morey's book about the new atheism as well as a video with a deeper delving into the subject through a discussion between Dr. Morey and Dr. Sedlak
The Christian Student's Survival Guide set Prophecy of Isaiah set Women's Discipleship set
Prophecy of Isaiah set
Our Price: $37.97
Women's Discipleship set
Our Price: $37.97
Dr. Morey has written a comprehensive manual telling students and parents how to answer the attacks on their faith they will face as they start their life in an unfamiliar realm.  The Book, The Christian Student's Survival Guide, and the Video, The Christian Student's Survival Guide, parts 1 and 2,  provide facts and scriptural references to help understand and know how to react to what is coming from today's curriculums. This audio set contains 10 audio disks that lead you through the Book of Isaiah and the prophecies concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. This set contains the book, The Biblical Discipleship Program for Women, written by Dr. Anne Morey.  The set also contains a four CD set on the implementation of this program by Dr. Morey herself.  CDs on, Forgiveness, Female Elders, Spiritual Maturity, and Reverent Behavior.  This is a must for women who are leaders in their church, or a woman who wishes to know more about her faith.
The Book of Job set How to Interpret Biblical Prophecy set Islamic Debated set
Islam Debated set
Our Price: $37.97
This 8 CD audio set takes you through the book of Job with scriptural references and commentaries to help better understand the oldest old testament book written.  The Book of Job helps us deal with the problem of evil. An audio set of 7 CDs explaining Jewish prophecy and the Biblical interpretation. This set contains two audio debates with Dr. Morey debating Islamic scholars about their own religion, such scholars as Dr. Jamal Badawi, The Mecca Debate and Dr. Khalid al-Monsour, Dr. Khalid al-Monsour vs Dr. Robert A. Morey.  This is a set any Christian should have to understand what Islam means to the world at large.  It might surprise or frighten you.
Natural Law "Gold" Set Experiencing God in the Psalms set Trinity set
Natural Law "Gold" Set
Our Price: $47.95
The Church "Challenged" set
List Price: $49.95
Our Price: $49.95
This set contains the book; The Bible, Natural Theology and Natural Law: Conflict or Compromise; and the video interview set of 1 video disk where Dr. Bob and Wayne Sedlak discuss the book and the Heresy.  Any one desiring to understand the influence of this heresy encroaching into our schools, colleges, and universities needs to have this set in their library! This set contains Dr. Morey's beautiful translation of the Psalms directly from the original Hebrew language, as well as a three DVD set discussing the book and how to use it to enhance your understanding of the Psalms.  This is a set all Christians should have in their collection.  Also anyone desiring to know more about how the Psalms relate to God would like this set. This set contains Dr. Bob's book, The Trinity Evidence and Issues.  The book discusses the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost with scriptural references to prove the Biblical point of view.  There are three CDs that accompany this book, they are Judaism Explained, Buddhism Unmasked, and 1800 Spawning Ground for the Cults.  This is a set for any discerning Christian who believes in and supports the Trinity.
Slander! A Physical Response Set Encyclopedia of Practical Christianity set Unmasking Deceit and Atheism set
This set contains the audio series "The Book of Job" and the Book, "A Handbook of Slander and Gossip".  In these two items we find Dr. Morey relating to us the story of Job, the very first book of the bible ever written, and the slander and gossip that the enemy used to try to bring down Job.  Dr. Morey relates the arguments of Job's councilors to the different forms of apostacy, rationalism, empiricism, mysticism and fideism.  This is a set that all Christians need to have to help them deal with Slander and Gossip as scripture teaches us. This set contains the book The Encyclopedia of Practical Christianity and two CDs Judaism Explained and Buddhism Unmasked.  The book gives you information concerning Christianity along with CDs relating aspects of Judaism and Buddhism.  This will help people to understand more about our Christianity. The book, The New Atheism and the Erosion of Freedom, The video, The New Atheism; and the unmasking deceit set all included.  This is a steal for the amount of information you get through this set.  All Christians need to own this set if only to prepare yourself against the attacks of heresies Atheism, cults, eastern religions, and some Jewish forms of thought.
Natural Law "Platimum" Set Islam Debated Premier set The Scholarship set
Islam Debated Premier set
Our Price: $69.95
This important set includes Dr. Bob's book, The Bible, Natural Theology and Natural Law: Conflict or Compromise; there are two videos also, the interview video where Dr Morey and Dr Sedlak discuss the heresy of Natural Law, and the video set, The Problem of Evil.  This video discusses the four aspects of the problem of evil - Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, and Aesthetics. Dr. Morey debates two Islamic scholars about their religion. The two CDs from the "Islam Debated set" are part of this set and to make the set more interesting, we have added Dr. Morey's book, Islamic Invasion. Everyone should have this set as it relates to current happenings in the world, the growth of Islam through out the world. The information presented will inform you and possible frighten you!
This set contains two books, Is Eastern Orthodoxy Christian, and Dalle, on the Fathers.  It also contains an Audio set "How to Interpret Biblical Prophecy" (also known as Jewish Keys to Biblical Prophecy).  This deals with the early church and some of the early ideas in Christianity.
Studies in the Atonement set
This set contains one of Dr. Bob's books, Studies in the Atonement, and four CD audio sets; Apostasy, a 13 CD set; Buddhism Unmasked, a single CD; Judaism Explained, a single CD; and 1800 Spawning Ground for the Cults, a single CD.  The book tells us what Jesus did for us on the cross, and why we should be thankful.  Christians and Christian Leaders really need to have this book for reference.