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Meeting the Challenge of Eastern Orthodoxy: 7 CDs
Meeting the Challenge of Eastern Orthodoxy: 7 CDs
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This CD set represents years of study by Dr. Robert Morey on the religion of Eastern Orthodoxy. Be sure to add the book "Is Eastern Orthodox Christian?" to your order for detailed documentation to accompany the lectures.

“Political correctness” has today reduced the subject of religion to the level of personal taste and preference. Religion is no more important than your favorite flavor of ice cream. If you prefer vanilla and I prefer chocolate, our personal preferences do not have anything to do with truth and morals.

To discuss religion (or ice cream flavors) under the categories of truth and morals is simply not allowable today. All religions, like all ice cream flavors, are good and moral. It doesn't matter what religion you choose. Your personal choices cannot be “judged,” i.e. criticized or condemned by others.

While liberal religionists can maintain the illusion of political correctness (PC), I have been amazed to find many Eastern Orthodox theologians and lay believers using it as a way to deflect any doctrinal criticisms of their religion. They act offended and hurt when anyone condemns what they believe. They take it as a personal offense when told that Eastern Orthodoxy is a false and apostate church in the same way as Roman Catholicism.

What makes all this so amazing is that the hypocrisy of Eastern Orthodoxy is transparent at this point. You cannot have it both ways. If you say that your religion is true, then you have logically admitted that it could possibly be false! Verification and falsification go hand in hand. A two-edged sword cuts both ways."

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