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An Evening at the Well Assurance of Salvation - 2 CD Series How to Deal With Temptation
An Evening at the Well
Our Price: $15.95
Exegetical proof that Jesus is God as well as Man. The role of the Holy Spirit in providing the Believer with assurance of Salvation Ideal for anyone who faces temptation.
Totally Surrendered Women's Discipleship: Basic Principles Women's Discipleship: Reverent Behavior
Totally Surrendered
Our Price: $19.95
Learn how to surrender yourself to Christ Dr. Morey discusses the basic principles of a women's discipleship program as set forth in Titus 2:3-5. Dr. Morey discusses the biblical meaning of "reverent" as it relates to the qualifications for those women who lead church discipleship programs.
Women's Discipleship: The Role of Female Elders Women's Discipleship: Spiritual Maturity Profiting from the Word: 2 CDs
This lecture provides the biblical view of a woman's role in church leadership. Spiritual maturity and how it relates to the women's discipleship program of a local church. Learn how to gain the most from studying the Bible with this lecture
Responding to a Brother in Sin: 2 CDs Baptism of the Holy Spirit: 2 CDs How to Discover Your Spiritual Gifts 1: 4 CDs
Dr. Morey discusses how to respond to sinning saints. Dr. Morey provides an exegetical study of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This seminar will help you learn the role of spiritual gifts in the church
A Christian's Attitude Toward the State: 3 CDs Proverbs for Families: 5 CDs Apostasy: 13 CDs
Apostasy: 13 CDs
Our Price: $79.95
Christians must know some general biblical principles in understanding their relationship to the government. These exciting lectures by Dr. Robert Morey will take you through the book of Proverbs to discover how to develop a godly home where Christ is King. Dr. Robert Morey reviews the biblical teaching as to why people fall away from the Christian faith.