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Soul Sleep and Conditionalism Debate Debate: Radio Debate with the Unification Church Church of Christ Debate: 2 CDs
Robert Morey vs. George Wisbrock Robert Morey vs. the Unification Church Is the Church of Christ Christian or a cult?
Cracking the Bible Codes: 2 CDs Verse Abuse: 2 CDs Confronting the Jesus Seminar: 3 CDs
Verse Abuse: 2 CDs
Our Price: $13.95
This lecture series proves that the Bible Codes are a fraud! Learn about many pitfalls in interpreting the Bible. Two debates and one lecture on the Jesus Seminar
Baptism: Is it Necessary for Salvation? Calvinism vs Arminianism Charles Finney: The Man, The Myth, The Message
Calvinism vs Arminianism
Our Price: $19.95
Dr. Morey reveals the truth about this often misinterpreted subject. God's Sovereignty vs. free will. Dr. Morey exposes the doctrinal aberrations of  Charles Finney.
Debate: Dan Barker Free Will & God's Sovereignty How Do I Know Christianity is True?
Debate: Dan Barker
Our Price: $19.95
Robert Morey vs. Dan Barker This lecture proves that God is sovereignly in control of the universe. The facts and the evidence to answer those who question your faith.
Inerrancy Debate Is Chance Real or an Illusion Judaism Explained
Inerrancy Debate
Our Price: $19.95
Judaism Explained
Our Price: $19.95
Morey vs. McKinsey This lecture will explain Judaism
Morey Under Fire Truths that Transform / Masons 1800's Spawning Ground of the Cults
Morey Under Fire
Our Price: $19.95
More than just Q&A! An informative lecture on Freemasonry Why the 19th century was so fruitful in producing the main cultic systems that curse the Church today
A Course in Logic: 5 CDs Infant Salvation: 5 CDs Role of Human Reasoning: 4 CDs
A Course in Logic : 5 CDs
Our Price: $39.95
Infant Salvation: 5 CDs
Our Price: $39.95
Dr. Morey defines a Biblical view of logic. Do babies go to heaven? Discussion on the Scripture as the sole source of Truth.
Natural Theology: 8 CDs Meeting the Challenge of Eastern Orthodoxy: 7 CDs Introduction to Defending the Faith: 10 CDs
Natural Theology: 8 CDs
Our Price: $69.95
Is man's logic or God's Word the foundation of Truth? Dr. Robert Morey discusses the religion of Eastern Orthodoxy and how it relates to Christianity A CD series designed to cut to the heart of non-Christian thinking.
Biblical Evangelism: 10 CDs
Dr. Morey reviews the biblical mandate provided to Christians for evangelism.