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Introduction to Defending the Faith JBA Volume 1 JBA Volume 2
Introduction to Defending the Faith
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JBA Volume 1
Our Price: $10.95
JBA Volume 2
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A manual designed to cut to the heart of non-Christian thinking. Topics in this first volume of the Journal of Biblical Apologetics include:
Is Natural Theology Fideistic? (Dr. Robert Morey); Greek Origins of Natural Theology (Dr. Robert K. McGregor Wright); Natural Theology in Byzantine Theology (Steve Hayes); Is "Natural Theology"  A Form of Deism? (Dr. Robert Morey); What is Natural Theology? (Dr. Robert Morey); The Ways of Knowing (Dr. Carl F. H. Henry); Special Divine Revelation as Rational (Dr. Gordon H. Clark); The Relationship of God to the Space/Time Universe (Dr. Robert Morey); Book Reviews
Volume 2 includes the following topics:
Does God Really Know the Future? (Dr. Robert Morey); God In the Image and Likeness of Adam (Prof. A. B. Caneday); An Evangelical Appraisal of Greek Philosophy (Dr. Robert Morey); The Mystery of Middle Knowledge (Dr. R.K. McGregor Wright); Biblical Anthropology 101 (Dr. Robert Morey); Sermon Notes--The Attributes of God (Dr. Robert Morey); Book Reviews; The Sovereignty of God and Prayer (Dr. Robert Morey)
JBA Volume 3 JBA Volume 4 JBA Volume 5
JBA Volume 3
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JBA Volume 4
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JBA Volume 5
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Topics included in this volume are as follows:
Introduction: An Open Letter to Roman Catholic Apologists (Robert Morey); Why Does Rome Teach What It Does About Justification and Salvation? (Dr. Robert L. Reymond); How Rome ends up being so...Protestant (Timothy F. Kauffman); Ten Reasons Why I Am Not a Roman Catholic (Dr. Robert Morey); The Forgotten Gospel of John Bunyan in The Pilgrim's Progress (Barry E. Horner); The AntiChrist Unveiled (Richard Bennett); Forensic Science and the Antichrist: Solving the Mystery of Iniquity (Rand Winburn); Books Reviews; The Doctrine of Justification (Dr. Robert Morey); The Reformation Day Statement
This volume consists of the following topics:
Introduction: The Collapse of Religious Zones (Dr. Robert Morey); Fatima, The Pope and the Vatican Contradict the Gospel, Where Do Evangelical ECT signatories now stand? (Richard Bennett); Original Sin, The Atonement, and Justification (Dr. Robert Morey); Not Those Works, But These Works! (Robert Michael Zins); The Spirit of ECT and The Emperor's New Clothes (Robert Michael Zins; Dominus Jesus: Rome Exalts Her Throne (Richard M. Bennett); The Roman Catholic Church in History: Part I (late Dr. Walter R. Martin); The Alignment of New Evangelicals with Apostasy (Richard M. Bennett); Scripture or Tradition (John Zens); Did Mary Remain a Virgin? A Closer Look at Matthew 1:18-25 (Eric Svendsen); Biblical Unity or Papal Conformity? (Richard Bennett and Michael de Semlyen; The Roman Catholic Church in History: Part 2 (late Dr. Walter Martin); How Many Protestant Denominations? (Eric Svendsen); Queen of All (Jim Tetlow; Book Review
Topics in this volume include:
Introduction (Dr. Robert A. Morey); Open Letter to Muslims (Dr. Robert Morey); The Origins of Islam (Peter Salerni); Fact Sheet for Muslims (Dr. Robert Morey); Is 'Allah' the God of the Bible? (Dr. Robert Morey); Is 'Allah' Just Another Name for God? (Dr. Robert Morey); Allah--Immaterial Entity or an Invisble Man? (Sam Shamoun); A Reply to Shabir Ally's Deceptive Attacks on Dr. Robert Morey (Dr. Robert Morey)
JBA Volume 6 JBA Volume 7 JBA Volume 8
JBA Volume 6
Our Price: $10.95
JBA Volume 7
Our Price: $10.95
JBA Volume 8
Our Price: $10.95
This volume includes the following articles:
Are the Arabs the Descendants of Ishmael? (Dr. Robert Morey); By Their Moles Ye Shall Know Them (Dr. Robert Morey); Muhammad: The Racist Prophet (Dr. Robert Morey); Muhammad's False Prophecies (Sam Shamoun); Muhammad's Suicide Attempts (Silas); Muhammad and Idolatry (Sam Shamoun); Muhammad's Alleged Night Journey to the Jerusalem Temple (Sam Shamoun); The Paracletos of John: Muhammad or the Holy Spirit (Sam Shamoun); The Claim That Muhammad Is Prophesied in Deuteronomy 33:2 (Andy Bannister); The Death of Muhammad (Silas); Common Logical Fallacies Made by Muslims (Dr. Robert Morey)
This volume includes the following topics:
Introduction: Who Was Muhammad? (Dr. Robert Morey); The Message of the Qur'an: Worship of Allah Alone? (Sam Shamoun); Ahmaddiyya in the Balance (Sam Shamoun); The Quranic Witness to Biblical Authority (Sam Shamoun); Muhammad, Aisha, Islam and Child Brides (Silas); Muhammad and the Female Captives (Silas); Slavery in Islam (Silas); Does The Qur'an Teach a Local Flood? (Sam Shamoun)
In this volume dealing with Islam, you will find the following topics:
Introduction to Muslim Evangelism: Witnessing Effectively to Muslims (Dr. Robert Morey); Folk Islam (Jim Romaine); The Crucifixion of Christ: A Fact, Not Fiction (John Gilchrist); The Fallen Nature of Man in Islam and Christianity (Dr. Samuel Shahid); The Punishment for Apostasy From Islam (Silas); Answers to 12 Anti-Trinitarian Arguments (Sam Shamoun); A Rebuttal to Jamal Badawi's 'Wife Beating' (Silas); Muhammad and the Snakes! (Silas); The Fatwa Against the Nation of Islam (Shaykh 'Ali Mo'Allim Hussen); The Invasion of Islamic Ignorance (Greggory A. Hanson); The Truth About the Nation of Islam (Dr. Robert Morey)
JBA Volume 9 When is it Right to Fight? Horoscopes and the Christian
JBA Volume 9
Our Price: $10.95
When is it Right to Fight?
List Price: $14.00
Our Price: $14.00
Horoscopes and the Christian
List Price: $14.95
Our Price: $14.95
This volume includes the following articles:
Introduction: Conflict Between Natural and Revealed Theologies (Dr. Robert A. Morey); Does Acts 17 Support the Natural Theology Theory? (R.K. McGregor Wright); John H. Gerstner on Thomas Aquinas as a Protestant (Dr. Robert L. Reymond); The Apologetic of R.C. Sproul: Biblical and Reformed? A Critique by Charles D. Heck); What Love Is This? Calvin's Misrepresentation of God (A Review by Justin T. Alfred)
A biblical refutation of pacifism and non-resistance tactics. Horoscopes and the Christian/Reincarnation and Christianity - 2 Books in One!
New Atheism and the Erosion of Freedom Is Eastern Orthodoxy Christian? The End Of The World According To Jesus
New Atheism and the Erosion of Freedom
List Price: $15.00
Our Price: $15.00
Is Eastern Orthodoxy Christian?
List Price: $15.95
Our Price: $15.95
The End Of The World According To Jesus
List Price: $15.95
Our Price: $15.95
Exposes the atheistic roots of secular humanism. Dr. Morey examines the Eastern Orthodox claim to Christianity. Insights into Bible prophecy from first century Jewish Apocalyticism and a radical restructuring of the Book of Revelation that clarifies it as no other book.
How to Answer a Mormon/How to Answer a Jehovah's Witness Battle of the Gods Islamic Invasion
Battle of the Gods
Our Price: $18.00
Islamic Invasion
List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $19.95
How to Answer a Mormon/How to Answer a Jehovah's Witness - 2 Books in One! A defense of the historic Christian concept of God. Comparing the Bible to the Qur'an, Jesus to Muhammad, and God to Allah.
The Biblical Discipleship Program for Women Winning the War Against Radical Islam A Modern Day Apologist
The Biblical Discipleship Program for Women
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $20.00
Winning the War Against Radical Islam
List Price: $20.99
Our Price: $20.99
A Modern Day Apologist
Our Price: $159.95
The Biblical Discipleship Program for Women is a  comprehensive guide by Dr. Anne Morey that can be used for group study or individual enrichment The perfect sequel to Islamic Invasion. Very Limited Supply
A collection of transcribed lectures and sermons by Dr. Robert Morey.