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A Christian's Attitude Toward the State: 3 CDs
A Christian's Attitude Toward the State: 3 CDs
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What is your relationship to the government?  We can no longer assume that America will always be a land of freedom.  Slowly but surely, the government is taking away our freedoms and making people even more dependent on the dole.

If someone said fifty years ago that the day would come when the government would outlaw the voluntary exercise of religious activities in public schools and on public land, the response would have been, “It will never happen here.”  But, it has happened and continues to happen! Why are our religious freedoms slowly being taken away?  Why do we look with concern and fear toward the future?

Secular humanism and political correctness dominate the state. “Man is the measure of all things,” because man is his own god.  There are no moral absolutes.  The state legislates morality according to the exercise of arbitrary judicial power.  In this “might makes right” mentality, man has worth only insofar as it benefits the state. The state is supreme in all things.
Christians must know some general biblical principles in understanding their relationship to the government.
1. All authority resides in God (not man). (Dan. 4:28-37; Matt. 28:18)
2. All human authority is delegated authority. “Delegated” means that God will hold the  person or institution accountable to Him for the way they used the authority given to them (Rev. 20:11-15)
3. Delegated authority is only valid when it operates according to Scriptural guidelines and functions within Scriptural limits.
4. The Scripture covers fours sovereign spheres of authority: Church, State, Family, and Business.  While these spheres interact with each other, they must not attempt to take over the authority or responsibilities which God delegated to the other spheres.

The Christian view of the state should always be grounded in Scripture.  The origin of the state as a human institution is to be found in the Garden of Eden. It is a reflection of the image of God within man. Join Dr. Morey as he discusses these issues as well as the Christian's priority to heavenly citizenship.

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