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1800's Spawning Ground of the Cults
1800's Spawning Ground of the Cults
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Why was the 19th century so fruitful in producing the main cultic systems that curse the Church today? Dr. Robert Morey reviews the individuals who started various religious movements and how they all interrelate and were contemporary to each other. Also, how they interplay with their cultic ideas.

There’s Thomas Campbell and his son Alexander Campbell.  Immigrants from Scotland who came to the United States formerly Presbyterian, they started the restoration movement where they said the Gospel had been lost since the death of the apostles and now the Gospel was restored. Charles Foyer you see was the father of all of these religious communes.  He said it is time in the light of the last days that religious believers should leave the world and come together in communities, in communes. Brigham Young, who together with Joe Smith, stole the restoration message from the Campbells and the eschatological propensities of William Miller, and they ran around saying, “We are the ones to restore the Church!  We are going to have a church with the name Christ!  So, we’ll say the Church of Jesus Christ.”  Later, they said that of Latter Day Saints. And many more...

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