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And God Mocked Them: The Divine Use of Humor and Ridicule in the Bible
Cost of Discernment
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Daniel's 70th Week
Our Price: $9.95
Dr. Morey explains the Biblical use of sarcasm and Ridicule. This lecture explains how to endure persecution. This lecture discusses one of the most hotly-debated prophecy topics today!
Psalm 2 Reformation History
The Deity of Christ
Our Price: $9.95
Psalm 2
Our Price: $9.95
Reformation History
Our Price: $9.95
Exegetical proof that Jesus is God as well as Man. An analysis of the second Psalm. A discussion of the Reformation in church history.
Resurrection Sunday T.U.L.I.P. - A True Description of What Calvin Taught? Theology of Prayer
Resurrection Sunday
Our Price: $9.95
Theology of Prayer
Our Price: $9.95
This message gives the true meaning of Easter Sets the record straight on the history of Calvinism and Arminianism. Learn how to best pray in this lecture
Twelve Facts of Easter The Imminent Return of Christ Christian Philosophy of Science: 3 CDs
Twelve Facts of Easter
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A Christian Philosophy of Science: 3 CDs
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Listen to the evidence presented for Christ's resurrection Dr. Morey in this lecture summarizes 40 years of prophetic studies on the return of Christ. How is the Christian to apply science to life?
Structure of the Bible: 2 CDs To Him be the Glory: 2 CDs Messianic Psalms: Psalm 16: 2 CDs
How to better understand the layout of the Bible Learn about the exciting doxologies to Christ in this lecture series. Dr. Robert Morey interprets Psalm 16 as a messianic psalm.
Christian Philosophy of Science: 3 CDs
Christmas 2008: 2 CDs
Our Price: $13.95
Doctrine of Heaven: 3 CDs
Our Price: $17.95
This lecture series details Atheism's logical fallacies. How is the Christian to apply science to life? What the Bible teaches about heaven
God Manifested in the Flesh: 3 CDs Messianic Psalms: Psalm 8: 3 CDs Doctrine of Hell: 3 CDs
Doctrine of Hell: 3 CDs
Our Price: $17.95
The Second Person of the Trinity is explained in this lecture series. Dr. Morey discusses the glory due to God in this messianic psalm series. Jesus preached more about hell than He preached about heaven. This should indicate to us that we must warn people of the wrath to come.
Relationship Between the Old & New Testaments: 4 CDs Nature & Extent of God's Knowledge: 4 CDs The Book of Revelation: 4 CDs
An explanation of the nature of the convenants and their relationship. A discussion of man's responsibility and God's predestination. The Book of Revelation - An Introduction to the Apocalypse, by Dr. Robert Morey
God, Evil, and You: 5 CDs Messianic Psalms: Psalm 2: 5 CDs The Bible from A to Z 6 CDs
God, Evil, and You: 5 CDs
Our Price: $25.95
The metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics of evil Dr. Morey lectures on Psalm 2 as a messianic psalm. Learn about the structure and significance of the Bible.
Jewish Key to Biblical Prophecy: 7 CDs The Attributes of God: 8 CDs Justification: the Heart of the Gospel: 8 CDs
A discussion of Jewish Apocalypticism. Dr. Morey discusses the many attributes of God in this thorough 8 CD series. A discssion of the atonement.